Processing of game/venison

  • We process your venison according to your preferences: cutting of the carcass, biltong, wors, dry wors and cabanossi. We also prepare burger patties, mince, sosaties, cheese grillers, russians and salami.
  • NEW!: You can order venison pie as part of the processing of the game.
  • We keep track of every single carcass and guarantee to return your own meat.
  • We also guarantee to return the full batch of the carcass delivered.
  • Please book in advance, especially during June and July. Email to / 012 998 8711
  • Click here to download our price list for the processing of venison.



Are you planning a 4x4 holiday?

We can help you plan your menu for the holiday.


Tips for packaging meat for holiday travel:

  • Vacuum pack the meat. A very strong plastic that does not tear easily is used to vacuum pack meat.
  • Select meat cuts with as little bone as possible. Bone adds extra weight and can damage the packaging.
  • Plan all meals for each day in advance, and pack the meat for the last day at the bottom of your camping freezer. It will save you the trouble of unpacking everything. It is very difficult to repack frozen meat and you may find that the fridge suddenly seems too small.
  • Pack the camping freezer a few days before you plan to travel. The freezer freezes quicker with 220V. It will also give you the chance to check that your freezer is in good working order.



Gift Vouchers

Spoil your family or friends with a gift voucher from Boma Meat Market. Ask our staff for assistance.