Meat Products


A wide variety of meat products including matured steak, tasty sosaties, our well-known traditional boerewors, farm chickens, our own range of home-made cold meats, and all the other meat products that our customers expect from a first class meat market.


We only buy our beef from selected abattoirs where quality and hygiene are guaranteed.

  • Matured rump, fillet and other cuts are ready to braai.

  • Traditional boerewors, salt and pepper wors (flavoured with salt and pepper only).

  • Variety of sosaties.


BOMA Meat Market buys only the best, tastiest lamb in South Africa.

  • Whole or half lamb.
  • Lamb chops.
  • Leg of lamb: whole with bone or deboned and rolled with our tasty spice blend.
  • Curry or BBQ lamb sosaties; deboned, pinwheel lamb rib.
  • Lamb knuckles and neck for tasty winter comfort food.
  • Oven baked ribs available. Ready to eat, soft and juicy.


Pork contains only 1,5% fat after all visible fat had been removed – an excellent choice for slimmers!

Popular pork cuts include:

  • Fresh and smoked leg of pork.
  • Stir-fry strips.
  • Smoked pork rib and Eisbein.
  • Rolled rib of pork, flavoured with our special spice mix.



High quality fresh chickens are prepared specially for BOMA Meat Market.

The cold chain is maintained and monitored throughout: - from processing to BOMA Meat Market’s shelves.

Chicken choices:

  • Fresh, whole chicken or portioned in thighs, drumsticks, wings and breasts.
  • Versatile smoked chicken fillets, soft and juicy.
  • Stir-fry chicken.
  • Flatties, whole or portioned. Flavours include lemon and herb, BBQ, peri-peri and mango.
  • Delicacies to braai or oven-bake include deboned chicken thighs rolled in bacon, chicken wings in BBQ, or lemon & herb.

Cold Meats

We only use the best quality meat for our home-made cold cuts.

Our home-made cold meats include:

  • Smoked and cooked ham; Pastrami; beef slices, tongue, salami, bierwurst, fleischwurst and others.
  • Sausages: Chorizo, Dutch smoked sausage, Cocktail sausages, Viennas, Bockwurst, käsegrillers, Frankfurters and Russians.
  • Pickled tongue and Christmas ham are available from time to time.
  • Deboned, stuffed and rolled leg of lamb is available on order.

Biltong and Dry Wors

BOMA Meat Market offers a variety of biltong and dry wors prepared with your health in mind, e.g. biltong flavoured with salt and pepper only. Popular choices include homemade Metenden, cabanossi and salami sticks.

Biltong baskets, packed according to customers’ selection and size, are excellent gifts.